Client   Closet

Browse through my collection of dresses that are available for your session. These dresses photographs beautifully ,  and will  make you feel like a model at your session. You will find sizing below each picture. If you would like to use a dress for your session let me know which one and I will reserve it for you.  

Depending on availability, I can deliver a few dresses for you to try on before hand if you would like to see how they fit. After your session, I have a portable changing tent for you to change out of the dress and return to me.

Dusty Rose Lace (Pink Blush) - Medium

Lydia (Baltic Born) - Medium/Large

Pink Ruffle - Medium/Large

Rust Maxi- Medium

Mauve Overlay - Medium

Peach Lace - Large/ XL

Long Sleeve pink Lace - Medium/Large

Deep Purple Lace ( Pink Blush) - Medium

Blue Lace ( Pink Blush) - Medium

Teal Ruffled - Small

Forrest - Large

Sage - Large/XL

Universal Thread Red- Small

Mauve Wrap - Medium/Large

Mauve  - Medium/Large

Taupe Dress - Small

Charcoal Shirt - Medium

Lilac Lace - XL

Tan Tie Neck - Small

Green Wrap - 3 XL

Emerald Romper - Large

White Wrap Shirt - Medium

Tan Cardigan - Medium / Large 

Lydia Lace - Large

LC Mauve Shirt - Small

Soft Pink Long Sleeve Dress - Medium

Wren - Medium  Large

Lydia Lace - Large


Tan Zip - Large

J Crew Button - Medium

Dark Grey - Large

Grace (Chicaboo) - Small - XL

Hazel (Chiccaboo) Small- XL

Harper (Chiccaboo) - Small- XL

Lydia ( Baltic Born)  - Medium/Large

Mustard - XL

Blue Lace (Pink Blush) - Medium

Dusty Rose Lace (Pink Blush) - Medium

Deep Purple Lace (Pink Blush) - Medium

Peach Lace - Large XL

Pink Ruffle - Large/XL

Rust Maxi - Medium

Sky Lace - Large

Boho Pink Ruffle - Medium/Large

Long Sleeve Pink Lace - Medium/Large 

Red Lace - Large

Royal Blue - Small

Light Pink Sheer - Medium Closed or Open belly

Baby Blue Mermaid - Small/Medium

Mauve - Large

Lydia Lace- Large

Lace Overlay - Medium

Lydia Lace - Large

Mauve Overlay - Medium

Wren - Large

Athena Seaweed (Chiccaboo) Small- XL

Eternity Rosewood (Chicaboo) Small - XL            Convertible Top