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what to pack in a hospital bag for franklin square

Alright so you have probably been combing lists of what to pack in your hospital bag. It can be a little overwhelming especially if this is your first baby. Don’t you feel like you are going to be moving into the hospital, preparing for every situation you may possibly encounter while you are there? Not going to lie, I had 3 bags and a exercise ball I lugged into Franklin Square labor and delivery. Well, let me rephrase that. My husband lugged in. I was admitted at my 40 week check up for high blood pressure and we didn’t bring anything with us because we were not expecting to not come home from that appointment! That being said, here are a few things I learned, my must haves and my leave at home items when packing your hospital bag

Me walking into Franklin Square labor and delivery to be induced at 40 weeks
Me, bag-less walking in to be induced

Take the bag

Pack the bag early and take it with you to your appointments. I had mine packed at 36 weeks with a list on top of it of things like phone charger, tooth brush, pillow (things that I couldn’t pack early). That way when it was go time I wouldn’t have to think about what all I needed. Or in hindsight, made it easy for my husband to grab it all alone. I was smooth sailing, not dilated at 40 weeks so I would have never thought I would have needed it with me when I left for that appointment.

Life savers

  • Number one, hands down take a thermos that stays cold for 24+ hours. It is so nice to have ice cold water by you at 3am. Trust me. You will thank me
  • I brought my own pillow and blanket and bath towel. When you are not sleeping well and are exhausted, I really enjoyed having those items which I knew were going to be comfortable in my little bed. Also the shower towels at Franklin Square labor and delivery about half the size of normal ones.
  • Loose sweatpants and a robe. The sweatpants were great since I had a c section I could pull them up over my belly button (super sexy) so they were nowhere near my incision and not tight on my belly. The robe was far more comfortable than the hospital gown and easy to nurse in.

Things I wish I packed

  • Ear plugs. I did not bring them. I wish I did. SO BAD. My husband snores and I can still remember clear as day, mad as hell, being wide awake at 4am while my husband snored away next to me. You guys.. I had to call him to wake him up to tell him to be quiet because me saying “babe, babe, BABE” was not waking this man. I asked the nurse for earplugs but they were not able to get them to me until at least the next night. They are so small and easy to throw in your bag. Do it.
  • Velcro swaddle. Swaddling a live baby with that cloth thing from the hospital is not the same as practicing swaddling on fake babies. The Velcro ones are so easy. And they stay in place. (Also loved the love to dream swaddle for at home!)
  • Pumping bra. The plan was to nurse right away but was having issues so I had to pump. I kept falling asleep holding the flanges so I was spilling the little bit of milk I had. I use the Kindred Bravely Sublime Hands-Free Pumping & Nursing Bra now and would have been great to have with me since you can use it as a pumping and nursing bra without having to change bras.
  • An empty bag to carry all the paperwork and supplies the hospital gives you and for all the gifts people will bring you.

Things I packed that I didn’t touch

  • All 5 copies of my birth plan but that is a story for another post. Still laugh about that one.
  • Baby finger nail clippers.
  • Postpartum supplies for me. Franklin Square had everything I needed.
  • Clothes for me to wear home. I wore the robe and sweatpants home. And for the next month.

Also worth mentioning at Franklin Square labor and delivery they had white noise machines. We didn’t know this until our second to last day but each room has a little white box and it plays all kinds of soothing noises. Much better than draining our phone batteries to have it playing. If you are delivering at another hospital I would recommend playing white noise. We still use it today with my son for sleeping.

Hope this helps you be able to pack a few things you may not have thought of.

Like most things in life I would rather be over prepared than under prepared so err on the side of that. And don’t forget to take your bag with you during those last few weeks. You never know what that little baby’s plans are!

Don’t forget if you are doing newborn photography to let me know when you have had your baby! It is a crazy time but the sooner I know the faster I can make time in my schedule to come meet them! I want to be next in line after the family to hear the news and get a picture! Just kidding, but really, send me a picture 😊

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