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In home newborn photography Baltimore

in home newborn photographer baltimore, maryland

Lifestyle sessions give a peek into what your everyday life looks like with your new baby. Although I guide my families into light posing and have them do prompts, it is all natural things you already do. It just helps to have some direction especially when you are in front of a camera. I love when parents choose to do a home newborn session for a few reasons:

  • Everyone can stay at home which means no rushing out the door, loading a newborn into the car, packing a diaper bag. It’s a much more relaxed morning for my families
  • In home sessions are so cozy and intimate
  • You get to show off your nursery you have worked so hard on

The thought of someone coming into your home when your home is a mess and you are too exhausted to deep clean may sound intimidating. I promise you, it is really easy to get your home “photo ready”. And no judgment here mama, I have a 2 young boys…I guarantee my house is messier then yours!

When a family books an in home newborn session, I give them a preparation guide that cover everything from getting their home ready, getting their baby ready and even what to wear. Here a few quick tips on how to prepare for an in home newborn session:

Preparing your home

Remove clutter

  • Typically we will shoot in the nursery and/or master bedroom. It may depend on which room(s) have the best natural light
  • Put away all unnecessary items around the bed and in the nursery. Be mindful especially of nightstand clutter
  • Move clutter that may be around your bed or in the nursery. We will be shooting from different angles so be mindful of what is on either side of the bed


  • Bedroom: Light / Neutral color bed sheets look best. I have a white blanket I can bring if you do not have a light colored comforter
  • Go with either a plain or themed crib sheet (rather than stripes or a busy pattern)


  • Set your thermostat to 78-80 degrees. I will also have a space heater

Preparing your baby

Milk drunk

  • Have them dressed in their outfit unless with a fresh diaper
  • As much as possible, try to feed your baby right before I arrive
  • If your baby takes a pacifier have that handy as well
  • Have a bottle of pumped milk or formula ready if we need to stop for a snack break

Session Flow

  • We will always stop for feedings and diaper changes or even just snuggles if need be
  • We will follow your babies cues and do everything needed to keep them happy!
in home newborn photography Baltimore

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