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Whether you are looking to buy or have clothes to sell- find out how to get the most bang for your buck at Kid to Kid Timonium

A little more about Kid to Kid Timonium

Kid to Kid Timonium has been open for about 2 years and is a favorite go to of mine. If you haven’t been before, they are a resale shop for kids clothing, maternity clothes, shoes, toys, sports gear and baby equipment (strollers, pack and plays, excusers, monitors, baby gates, pretty much anything you’d need) . They always have a good selection of all of these things and are getting new items daily. Some of my favorite personal finds were these V tech monitors for $8 ( $20 new), a diaper genie $9 (new $50), car mirrors $6 ($20 new).

Kid to Kid also has strong values as a company in being earth friendly by making it a mission to make the world better, cleaner and more sustainable through upcycling. They also partner with buildOn, who partners with community members to contribute volunteer hours to building their school. Each village provides land, local materials, and weeks of labor. Every village also promises to send girls and boys to school in equal numbers. Pretty cool to see them as a company taking a stand to make a difference.

1 year old girl in dress from kid to kid Timonium

Alright let’s get to the good stuff.. SALES

Just about anytime I go into Kid to Kid Timonium they are having a sale. They stamp in certain colors and rotate through which color stamps are on sale. These color stamp sales happen every month – usually at the end of the month. The discounts vary, ranging from 25-50% off. Items that are discounted are ones that are either older items or sizes/styles that they have a lot of. For example if they have a lot of 12M girl pajamas they are most likely going to be marked down for a sale price.

While it is usually just clothing on sale, they do periodically mark down other items such a shoes and baby equipment. For earth day the ENTIRE STORE was 25% off!!!

The biggest sale of the year at Kid to Kid Timonium

I feel like once you hit about 2 years old, your kids are pretty predictable for their sizing. If that is the case for you then let me tell you.. you are not going to want to miss this sale- and stock up for the next sizes (or two) your kids will be in!

1-2 times a year Kid to Kid Timonium has a fill a bag sale. You can fill a bag of clothing that is on clearance for $20 or $25 depending on the size of the bag chosen. You can cram as many clothing pieces into the bag as you can! The key for this is going to be to follow their facebook and sign up for the texts from them to know when this sale is and go there as early on in the sale as you can.

Earn points on what you buy

When you accumulate enough points you will receive a coupon for 20% off that doesn’t expire! They also periodically do kids cash where you get a voucher to redeem (Usually the following month) depending on how much you spend.

Trade in clothes you are looking to get rid of for an extra 20% over the cash payout for store credit

This is a great way to save even more by opting to take a store credit. Don’t need anything but have clothes to get rid of? You can always choose the cash back option as well. Kid to Kid Timonium gives you between 20% and 50% of what they price the item to sell at.

What employees look for when buying items

When an employee is going through items that are dropped off to sell they enter the item into their system and have 3 levels to choose from for the condition. That is going to determine how much you get for those items. Common brands such as Cat & Jack and Carters will get you less then higher end items such as Under Armor, Nike and Janie and Jack would.

They do have requirements for how the items need to be brought in so make sure you check that out before hand.

Family in Baltimore field with dress from kid to kid Timonium

I hope this helps you score big on your next trip to Kid to Kid Timonium!

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