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As a Baltimore Maternity photographer, I often am chatting with my clients during our session about what they are doing to prepare for their baby to arrive. Childbirth, 4th trimester and breastfeeding classes are among the top things mentioned. I love when I hear that they are working with a doula and The Womb Room is a great option that provides all of these.

I spoke with Cara, the doula manager at The Womb Room. I wanted to find out what roles a doula plays during pregnancy and how they can help support you during and after birth. I was really impressed with all the support they offer- from prenatal yoga, lactation, sleep consultants and education classes. I personally took a birth class here and it was very helpful. They really are there to help you in everyway that they can. Let’s hear from Cara herself what all The Womb Room offers.

What can be expected at a first appointment with you?

During your prenatal meeting with the doula you’ve chosen, you will spend time sharing and learning what makes up your “vision” of your birth wishes. Your doula will provide guidance in helping develop these birth preferences, but ultimately points you to the educational resources needed to help you find your personalized preferences. These preferences become a powerful vehicle for your voice in having an informed and supported labor experience with your medical team.  During this visit, you will receive helpful tips on how to prepare for an optimal birth in a holistic way. This meeting doesn’t overshadow the true importance in childbirth education, but rather is a helpful way to complete what’s learned and have a doula’s help in educating and filling any important gaps

Your doula is available for chats/emails, communication as needed as questions arise in your pregnancy and  leading up to birth!

What types of things do you help with during labor?

During your labor process, your doula helps to provide the calming reassurance and guidance needed in translating your unique labor and how to help manage it. Your doula will be available by phone initially and in person when the true show is on the road to help you utilize the comfort measures you desire. A doula’s role can be to help you advocate for yourself with your medical team by facilitating important conversations regarding interventions and options within your labor/delivery. Your doula will offer your partner (if applicable) reassurance and guidance in their role as your most important support.

What postpartum care do you do?

After you birth your baby, your doula will offer a home visit where you process your birth experience together. Newborn care, feeding can also be addressed and resources offered if continued support is needed during this sensitive time.

Do you accept insurance?

We understand that the costs of pregnancy/postpartum support can be a lot to take on, for any growing family. For this reason, we accept insurances for mental health therapy services, and provide superbills for insurance reimbursement for all other services, to help you recoup as much of the cost as possible.

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What makes The Womb Room different from other doulas in Baltimore?

At The Womb Room, we are happy to offer you a Hub of experts to help support needs that arise during this time – from yoga instruction, childbirth education, workshops, mental health therapists and Lactation consultants-  we are here! We offer many support groups as well for families to come and draw from our group of experts as well as peers going through similar life joys and challenges.

I also reached out to a client who had used The Womb Room to find out about her experiences. This client were not provided by the Womb Room.

When did you use a doula at The Womb Room?

Client 1: August 2018 and October 2020

How far along were you when you started using the practice?

Client 1: From the beginning

What were your main reasons for choosing a midwife or doula?

Client 1: I wanted a hands off approach and to avoid a c section at all costs

Was there a specific person at the practice you used?

Client 1: With my first birth it was the OG womb room crew, so unfortunately none of the are around anymore

What did you LOVE about them?

Client 1: So so approachable and great listeners

Were there any parts of your care that did not go as expected or you were disappointed about?

Client 1: None


How easy was it to get an appointment?

Client 1: 10/10

How happy were you with the overall care? 

Client 1: 10/10

How satisfied were you with the prenatal care? 

Client 1: 10/10

How happy were you with the support received while in labor? 

Client 1: N/A

How happy were you with the support received postpartum? 

Client 1: N/A

Did you feel listened to and like your concerns and needs were a priority throughout your care?

Client 1: 10/10

They also offer post partum services. Postpartum Doula Services Include:

  • No obligation In-Home or Virtual Consultation to assess whether we’re a good match. 🙂 
  • Customized hours based on your families needs
  • Unlimited in-person or phone/text support during contracted hours.
  • Basic breastfeeding support, as needed, and referrals provided when outside of our scope of training.
  • Physical and emotional support for birthing client and family.
  • Bottle-washing, laundry or cooking needs.
  • Care for infant so parents can take a break, nap, shower, etc.
  • Providing infant care education, help with baby-wearing, swaddling, etc.
  • Running errands for the family – grocery shopping, picking up diapers, etc.
  • Accompanying family to physician appointments to help with infant or siblings (useful for pediatric appointments with multiples).
  • Information, resources and referrals provided, as needed.
  • Option to extend contract at any time.

Check out The Womb Room and everything they have to offer during your pregnancy and postpartum journey!

If you are looking to capture this amazing time in your life, I would love to work with you for your maternity and in home newborn session! Find out about maternity sessions here and newborn sessions here! Send me a message so we can talk about your sessions!

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