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Maryland Birth Services
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Maryland Birth Services

I had the pleasure of talking with Becky from Maryland Birth Services. I wanted to find out more about the practice and what roles a doula plays in a pregnancy. I hope this information can help anyone who is searching for a doula and shed some light into how a doula can help you achieve the birth you are hoping for!

An introduction to Becky from Maryland Birth Services

As a doula of 12 years, in and around Maryland, I support families at home, in birth centers and in hospitals. Additionally, my role for clients of Maryland Birth Services can be very unique. In the beginning of our relationship, I like to find out what the needs and concerns are for you individually. We are all different, we all have different symptoms and outcomes in pregnancy, different births and different needs through postpartum. My goal for each and every person is to meet them right where they are at; providing reassurance and compassion as they navigate these transitions. I am a flexible person with time and resources and this affords my clients the ability to change their plans, add in resources, etc.

What is different about the experience with you verses an OB? 

I am a certified Doula, so my role is to provide non-medical support to clients in pregnancy, labor and birth and the postpartum period. I  work directly with families to explore the needs and concerns they have from early pregnancy (and sometimes before pregnancy depending on individual circumstances, birth, postpartum and beyond. I work with clients to help them understand their providers, any medical concerns if applicable so they can have open communication with their providers, and a variety of other supports clients may need in this time period. The physical experiences that clients can expect from myself as a doula are planning and preparations through birth plans, postpartum plans, etc, physical comforts in labor at home and place of birth such as hands on comfort measures, positioning, mindfulness,  working through pain management options, and so much more. Its very individualized care that works well with the clients midwifery or OB care.

What can be expected at a first appointment at Maryland Birth Services?

Our first appointment is based on what the clients current needs are. Often times it an update of where they are with provider appointments, how the pregnancy, fertility journey or postpartum time is going, what the current needs or concerns are, any resources they may need then or for the future, etc.

What types of things do you do in a typical checkup throughout pregnancy?

Because we offer doula support, we do not have check-ups like a medical provider does. My role is to “fill in any gaps” as I like to say, that might come in between provider appoints, after appts, fast concerns that pop up, planning for birth and postpartum and getting that into a workable plan to execute, etc.

What type of things do you help with during labor?

Honestly our role can be endless. Listening and providing a safe space;  bringing a calm environment through a variety of ways such as lighting and battery candles, essential oils if requested, music, affirmations, sound machine and more; working with the partner if applicable or interested to assist them in supporting their laboring partner, showing positions, calming techniques, guidance in calm breathing- or providing the space for the partner to eat a nourishing meal, get a quick walk with fresh air, bathroom breaks and even a nap sometimes! Following labor patterns and supporting labor through a variety of positions and techniques that are helpful for increasing effective labor and bringing comfort to my client. Techniques like “double hip squeeze”, “shaking the apples”, counter pressure are just a few of the wide variety of ways I support my clients physically.

What type of postnatal care do you do? 

I offer several different types of supports and my 2 main Pregnancy packages have at least one postpartum check in. Additional postpartum support (in person and/or virtual).  I am a Postpartum doula/Newborn Care Specialist and that allows me to show up for clients after birth to support day or overnight times, in basic ways for sleep, lactation, mental health and healing  concerns, comfort measures for Mom and baby, baby-related household needs, etc. 

Do you accept insurance?

 Doulas do not typically accept insurance although there are a few programs just beginning (Tricare is one of them) that is providing this option. I can also provide super bills to clients to submit to their insurance for reimbursement and also their HSA or FSA accounts. I offer payment plans and options to clients where there is a need and as I can.

What makes you different from other doulas or midwives in Baltimore?

 I do have a special focus in clients with possible “extra needs”. This is a broad term meaning clients who maybe are seeking a VBAC, medical concerns such as Pre-eclampsia, Cholestasis and more, those who have had previous trauma in birth  or otherwise that is bringing impact to them, those with anxiety and depression and much more for those who identify with these concerns. However, I do support a great deal of clients in un-medicated, low-intervention birth as well, helping them to explore their options, guidance in support and comfort measures and providing resources and support to the partners as they support their laboring partner as well.

 Is there any other information you’d like to provide?

I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with Julie on this blog. I believe community is a great place to be and to share the resources available to growing families. We are fortunate for our area that we have so many great birth workers, and many that I get to call, Friend. Please feel free to reach out for more information or to schedule a free consultation:  Blessings to you!!!

I also reached out to 3 clients who had used Maryland Birth Services to find out about their experiences.

When did you use Maryland Birth services?

Client 1:This client is Due August 2022

Client 2: August 2017, August 2020, March 2022

Client 3: June 2020, October 2021

How far along were you when you started using the practice?

Client 1: First Trimester

Client 2: I think 2nd trimester the first time, I can’t remember the 2nd, and like 38.5 weeks the 3rd time

Client 3: Less than 20 weeks

What were your main reasons for choosing a midwife or doula?

Client 1: Traumatic first birth experience; I wanted to feel truly supported, empowered and safe this time around vs just a number on a chart.

Client 2: My sister-in-law had used Becky and recommended her, and the first time I decided to hire her, I was going to be having my first child, and I wanted someone there who would be able to really help me figure out how I wanted things to go and that could advocate for me. I also wanted help with pain management that wasn’t an epidural.

Client 3: I was really looking for birth support because I did not have any family around her as well as I desperately wanted to have a baby a C and a more natural birth experience. I know that statistically speaking that was more likely having a Doula for support.

Was there a specific person at the practice you used?

Client 1: I’m using Jennifer at College Park Homebirth and Becky at Maryland Birth Services

Client 2: Becky Rohrback

Client 3: Becky Rohrback

What did you LOVE about them?

Client 1: They take the time to get to know you, your health and well-being as a full person, your goals as a birthing person, and they are dedicated to supporting you how you need it.

Client 2: Becky was so helpful in assisting me with figuring out what I wanted my births to look like and helping me come to terms with the reality when they didn’t go my way. She also constantly reminded me that I am strong and that I could do it no matter what I was telling myself. She was so encouraging and empowering!

Client 3: Becky was amazing. Becky gave me so much support throughout my pregnancy. She was always available to answer my questions or to give me any resources that I might need. If she didn’t have the answers she would find the answers for me. I loved working with Becky so much that I had her as my Doula for two pregnancies. Becky truly became family during that time.

Were there any parts of your care that did not go as expected or you were disappointed about?

Client 1: I haven’t given birth yet, but at this point I am extremely happy with the care I have received.

Client 2: There were things that didn’t go how I wanted them, but nothing that was Becky’s fault! My second son was breech and required a cesarean, and since it was during Covid, they wouldn’t allow her in the surgery, and she couldn’t come after, either. Becky helped me while I waited to go to surgery because I win labor and needed help through the contractions.

Client 3: No not at all.


How easy was it to get an appointment?

Client 1: 10/10

Client 2: 10/10

Client 3: 10/10

How happy were you with the overall care? 

Client 1: 10/10

Client 2: 10/10

Client 3: 10/10

How satisfied were you with the prenatal care? 

Client 1: 10/10

Client 2: 10/10

Client 3: 10/10

How happy were you with the support received while in labor? 

Client 1: N/A

Client 2: 10/10

Client 3: 10/10

How happy were you with the support received postpartum? 

Client 1: N/A

Client 2: 10/10

Client 3: 10/10

Did you feel listened to and like your concerns and needs were a priority throughout your care?

Client 1: 10/10

Client 2: 10/10

Client 3: 10/10

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Client 2: Becky is the only doula I’d ever hire! She is so encouraging, and she really listens to your vision for your pregnancy and birth. She was available for me to ask questions, and she always helped me to be positive when I had a tendency to expect the worst. When things went basically the opposite of what I’d wanted, she always reminded me that getting the baby out safely was the most important thing and that I could handle anything I had to do!

Client 3: I am so happy that I chose Becky as my Doula. She was such a big support to myself as well as my husband. She really helped me to get two of the births that I really truly wanted and will always treasure. Thanks to Becky moving forward I know that I now have the confidence to truly advocate for myself and the birds that I want.

Reach out to Becky from Maryland Birth Services and see how you can work together during your pregnancy!

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