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When you are searching for a doula there are many options. Doulas of Baltimore provides support through educational classes, in home newborn support and feeding support. They are with you every step during your pregnancy, labor and post partum.

Educational support at Doulas of Baltimore

The following classes are offered currently:

Complete Childbirth Education Series

Birth Basics One-day Workshop

Comfort Measures for Labor

Baby 101: The 4th Trimester

Breast, Bottle, and Beyond: Getting Started with Infant Feeding

You can choose from their package options to save money when you are taking more than 1 class.

Car seat concierge service from an CPST

This is an add on service for a fee of $150

  • Assistance in selecting the best car seat for your child based on your budget and lifestyle factors
  • 90-minute personalized car seat installation appointment
  • 12 months of industry professional phone/email support as your child grows to ensure you’re always confident in your child’s car seat safety

I love that this includes support past the infant seat. Just when you can install the infant base or seat with your eyes closed, they outgrow it and its time for a convertible seat. Then you start the installation and car seat search all over again.

Infant Feeding Support

This is an add on service for a fee of $450

  • An Infant Feeding Specialist to discuss your infant feeding concerns, plans for returning to work, and answer your questions on what to expect. This is a 2 hour in home meeting that is done before baby arrives. This would also cover topics such as breastfeeding, bottle feeding, when to introduce a bottle, plans for returning to work, product recommendations to ease your feeding journey, formula questions, combo feeding, feeding schedules, and more.
  • After your baby is born you will meet for a 1-hour in-home visit during the first 3 weeks postpartum. Your feeding specialist would answer any questions that have arisen, help address concerns with breast or bottle feeding, and make referrals to other infant feeding professionals if necessary. Together you will also develop a personalized Infant Feeding Plan for your new baby and expert recommendations on easing your way into the overwhelming task of feeding your baby for the first 6 weeks. During those first 6 weeks, your feeding speciast is also available for support via phone and email.
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How Doulas of Baltimore can support you during Pregnancy and Postpartum

Leading up to your labor, Doulas of Baltimore are available via phone, video calls, text or email. Around 35 weeks you will meet for a prenatal meeting which will go over your birth preferences, hospital procedures and post partum care. From this point until your birth, they are on call 24/7.

When you are ready for in-person doula support, your doula can join you and remain by your side for the rest of your birthing process. Some of the ways they will help during labor are:

  • encouragement
  • comfort measures techniques
  • offering insight about labor positions
  • answering questions about the process
  • simply being a calming, grounding presence
  • your birth doula will work collaboratively with your partner and care providers to ensure you have a fulfilling and supported birth experience. 

If you are having a C-section, Doulas of Baltimore can still be there to support you before and after your birth. They will help you develop a C-section birth preference plan and if your hospital allows it, accompany you during the birth of your baby in the operating room.

I also reached out to 3 clients who had used Baltimore Doulas to find out about their experiences.

When did you use Baltimore Doulas services?

Client 1:November 2021

Client 2: June 2019

How far along were you when you started using the practice?

Client 1:20 weeks

Client 2: Second trimester

What were your main reasons for choosing a midwife or doula?

Client 1: Going for a VBAC after a traumatic first delivery.

Client 2: Unmedicated labor

Was there a specific person at the practice you used?

Client 1: Yes, Melissa

Client 2: Deb (don’t remember her last name!)

What did you LOVE about them?

Client 1: She had personal experience with VBACs, she understood how important it was for me. She was very responsive to my questions and concerns.

Client 2: This was our second unmedicated labor so we were much less needy than our first, but Deb was kind, reassuring and evidenced based – she was not pushy at all. She actually missed my labor bc it happened so fast (NOT her fault at all – she came as soon as we called) but she stayed after to help me with nursing and recovery which was very much appreciated

Were there any parts of your care that did not go as expected or you were disappointed about?

Client 1:After I got the epidural, it was not as hands on of an experience as I expected.

Client 2: Like I said, we labored so fast she missed the birth, but she was still super supportive and a huge help


How easy was it to get an appointment?

Client 1: 10/10

Client 2: 10/10

How happy were you with the overall care? 

Client 1: 8/10

Client 2: 10/10

How satisfied were you with the prenatal care? 

Client 1: 7/10

Client 2: 10/10

How happy were you with the support received while in labor? 

Client 1: 9/10

Client 2: Did not answer

How happy were you with the support received postpartum? 

Client 1: 7/10

Client 2: 10/10

Did you feel listened to and like your concerns and needs were a priority throughout your care?

Client 1: 10/10

Client 2: 10/10

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Client 2: I think it’s important for birthing people to recognize the power of a doula for any kind of birth! Having an advocate in the room is helpful no matter how you chose to labor

I hope this is helpful when you are searching for a doula! If you are planning on doing a maternity or in home newborn session, I would love to chat about how I can help. Check out my maternity portfolio here!

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