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Baltimore Doulas

Baltimore Doulas. A dad holding his newborn son

When you are searching for a Baltimore Doula two of the big names you will find are The Womb Room and Doulas of Baltimore. Both practices are great in that they offer prenatal and post partum support in addition to labor. I have also linked the two separate blogs I wrote on both practices for a deeper dive into how they can help support you.

A doula will be right by your side to help you during your pregnancy, birth and post partum. During your pregnancy they will help you develop your birth preference plan through evidence based information. You will be able to tap into their resources for classes to prepare for labor, the 4th trimester and feeding support. You can find attritional support through group classes that are geared toward different parts of your pregnancy journey. During labor they will help you through various comfort measures, help advocate for your desired birth and help support your partner in supporting you.

Both The Womb Room and Doulas of Baltimore offer a free consultation meeting where you can meet with a doula and see if you would be a good fit and get more information on what services they offer.

Lets get to it and find out the differences and similarities between these two amazing Baltimore Doulas!

Baltimore Doulas

The womb room offers:

  • Prenatal and Post Partum yoga
  • Childbirth classes, both online and in person
  • Lactation Consultants
  • Sleep Consultants
  • Online Post Partum therapist groups
  • Placenta Encapsulation

They also offer group meeting in the following categories:

  • Lactation and feeding (Free)
  • Post Partum Support Group
  • Pregnancy Support (Free)
  • Parent Support Group (Free & Virtual)
  • Anxiety Therapy Group

The Womb Room has 3 types of Doulas to best suit your needs.

Starts at $1195

  • Birth doulas
  • Post Partum Doulas
  • Virtual doulas.

A deeper dive in Baltimore Doulas : The Womb Room Read my blog where I spoke to Cara the doula manager to find out more about the practice.

Baltimore Doulas. Mom holding a newborn boy

Next up for a Doula in Baltimore…

Doulas of Baltimore offer:

Various education classes

Birthing support

Starts at $1800

  • Birth support – Whenever you are ready for physical, in-person support, your doula can join you, accompany you to your birthing location and remain by your side throughout the entire birth process
  • C-Section support-help developing unique planned cesarean birth preferences, provide both pre- and post-cesarean support to you at the hospital, and depending on your hospital/provider policies, are happy to join you in the operating room as well.

Post Partum Support

  • In home support and newborn care: Daytime and evening support and overnight support
  • Car seat safety from a CPST
  • Infant feeding support

A deeper dive in Baltimore Doulas : Doulas of Baltimore Read my full blog post on them here.

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