Postpartum Doula Baltimore | 3 Specialists for Parental Guidance

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While doulas are mainly known for being support systems through the prenatal and birthing journey, moms still need assistance afterward while transitioning into their new roles. That’s where postpartum doulas come in. A postpartum doula in Baltimore can help you feel calm, confident, and prepared for your birthing journey. The postpartum doulas in Baltimore are experienced, compassionate, and supportive. They want your birth to be the best it can be!

3 Postpartum Doulas in Baltimore. mom and dad holding a newborn baby

3 Postpartum Doulas in Baltimore

Labor and Lullabies

Labor and Lullabies will help to prepare, educate, and support you and your family through the journey of pregnancy, motherhood, and beyond. Get some extra sleep with overnight care from one of our professional swaddlers. They also offer daytime family care and lactation support. In addition, you can get a personalized specialist to soothe and help you connect with your baby through infant massages and reflexology, starting at $150. Check out Labor and Lullabies as one of the best postpartum doulas in Baltimore. Fill out a contact form to schedule your first consultation and create a custom plan for you and your little one.

Doulas of Baltimore

Sit back and relax this moment of the arrival of your little one because, at Doulas of Baltimore, they got everything covered. As one of the top postpartum doulas in Baltimore, Doulas of Baltimore specializes in pregnancy and birth support, in-home postpartum support, and childbirth education and parenting classes. So whether you’re welcoming your first child or your fourth, gain peace of mind for the whole family’s transition with Doulas of Baltimore’s exceptional in-home postpartum support.

They have trusted in-home support – daytime, evening, and overnight care. Doulas of Baltimore offers a Flexible Support Package starting at $2250, which includes fifty hours of in-person support, up to 10 day/evening shifts, or five overnights to be used within a four-week timeframe. Overnight Newborn Care includes five continuous weeks of three 10-hour overnight shifts per week to set your baby up for a lifetime of healthy sleep associations, starting at $6000. Doulas of Baltimore is always accepting new clients, so be sure to contact them today for your free consultation.

The Womb Room

Are you looking for a much-needed rest, a long shower, or a walk alone? The Womb Room has postpartum doulas in Baltimore that can make all of that happen. The doulas at The Womb Room can take the edge off by holding and caring for the baby. They can also watch siblings, clean up the home, run errands, or spend the night so you can get some much-needed rest. Services included in the postpartum doula package are:

  • Unlimited in-person or phone/text support
  • Feeding support
  • Bottle-washing
  • Laundry
  • Cooking
  • Care for an infant so parents can take a break to nap or shower,
  • Baby-wearing and swaddling
  • Running errands
  • Providing unlimited resources

Prices start at $35 per hour, but there are many ways to customize your package to exactly what you need. These postpartum doulas in Baltimore have you covered every step of the way!

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Postpartum Doula Baltimore

As a Baltimore newborn photographer, I know that any extra help is vital during those first few weeks of parenthood. With the many options for a postpartum doula in Baltimore, you are guaranteed an extra set of hands during your transition into parenthood.

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