3 Highly-Rated Baltimore Lactation Consultants to Guide You Through Breastfeeding

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Baltimore Lactation Consultants

If you are expecting a little one, you may be planning on breastfeeding. Whether it’s for the first time or round five, every experience is different, as every baby is different. Lactation consultants are the best support through this journey, and I’ve found three highly-rated Baltimore lactation consultants to share with you. Keep reading to learn more about them.

Breastfeeding Den

The first on my list of Baltimore lactation consultants is the Breastfeeding Den! Owner and consultant Katy is a certified International Board of Lactation Consultant. She formed Breastfeeding Den as she knows the breastfeeding struggle first hand. She wanted moms to feel encouraged through this process.

Classes at the Breastfeeding Den are offered for assistance to moms. The Breastfeeding Basics class is available both online and in person. She also offers a Breastfeeding and Working class, as well as a Breastfeeding for the Birth Professional class.

At the Breastfeeding Den, support isn’t limited to just classes and consultations. Katy knows exactly what moms need during their journey to and through breastfeeding. She has a variety of accessories in her store for moms. She also carries a variety of nursing and maternity wear.

I personally used Katy when my second son was having latching/gas problems. We first did a 1 hour virtual meeting. Katy was so detailed in the questions she was asking to really get to the cause of my problems. After the meeting I got several exercises to do and recommendations on things to change. She thought it would be best to come in for a in person visit. After our in person visit she further tweaked some things and our problems were resolved within a week. I am so grateful for Katy and highly recommend her.

You can check out the Breastfeeding Den at 2 Hamill Rd, Suite 344, Baltimore, MD 21210.

Rumina Center

The second on my list as a highly-rated Baltimore lactation consultant is the Rumina Center. They are a postpartum wellness center with International Board Certified Lactation Consultants. The Rumina Center wants you to feel listened to and truly heard while providing you with the support to achieve your goals. The lactation consultants help with various subjects, such as nipple pain, milk supply, bottle feeding, and pumping.

At the Rumina Center, a variety of services will be available for you, including a Prenatal Breastfeeding Class, Prenatal Consultation, Initial Consultation, Follow-up Consultation, Pump Consultation, Back to Work Consultation, as well as Virtual Consultations.

In addition to their consultations, the Rumina Center offers a breastfeeding support group, as well as breast pump rentals. If you’d like to treat your friend or family to the Rumina Center’s services, gift certificates are available.

Dr. Daisy & Co.

​Last on my list of Baltimore lactation consultants is Dr. Daisy and Co! Amanda Boostrom is the sole lactation consultant at this practice who provides expert advice and peace of mind for moms. Dr. Daisy and Co. have created a practice that is a judgment-free zone and promotes diversity and inclusion. Everyone is welcome.

Amanda has a baby-led feeding program at Dr. Daisy and Co for moms. The program includes:

  • Assessment of readiness to start solid food, recommended foods to serve, and how to prepare them
  • Transition to solid foods from spoon-feeding
  • Scheduling meals around bottle and breastfeeding
  • Positive mealtime with the family
  • Reducing choking hazards
  • Safety
  • Common allergens

You can visit Dr. Daisy and Co. at 121 Congressional Lane, Ste 701 (FLOOR PH), Rockville, MD 20852. They are open Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 7 PM.

Baltimore Lactation Consultant

With these Baltimore lactation consultants on your side, you will have all the support you need for your breastfeeding journey.. So, check them out and let me know what you think!

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