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Searching for a Baltimore Midwife?

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There are several hospitals in Maryland that offer a midwife program. If that is not an option at your local hospital then read on to find out more about some of the top Baltimore Midwives.

Midwives may have different levels of training:

  • Certified nurse-midwives (CNMs) are registered nurses who have graduated from an accredited nurse-midwifery education program and have passed a national exam.
  • Certified midwives (CMs) are non-nurse midwives who have a bachelor’s degree or higher in a health field, have completed an accredited midwifery education program, and have passed a national exam. Only a few states permit CMs to practice.
  • Certified professional midwives (CPMs) are non-nurse midwives who have training and clinical experience in childbirth, including childbirth outside of the hospital, and have passed a national exam. Not all states permit CPMs to practice but in 2015 Maryland passed the law to allow CPMs to practice in Maryland.
  • There are lay (not certified) midwives, as well.

A midwife will work in connection with an OB and usually suggest you work with a doula as well.

The role of Midwife:

  • Do the typical pregnancy exams
  • Appointments are typically longer and more in depth then what they would be with an OB
  • Monitor diet and emotional well being through your pregnancy
  • Go over your birth preferences
  • Educate about pregnancy, labor, and newborn care
  • Provide you with support during labor
  • Deliver your baby
  • Make referrals to doctors when needed
Baltimore Midwives. A pregnant woman  holding her belly and looking down.

I spoke to 3 Baltimore Midwives to find out more about their practices and what role they play in your pregnancy.

Baltimore Midwives

Moonstone Midwifery

  • Paige is both a CPM and birth doula and has been practicing since 2016
  • Has helped over 1000 clients during birth
  • President of the Association of Independent Midwives of Maryland
  • Out of pocket expense is $5000

Read more about Paige from Moonstone Midwifery here

Bay Area Midwifery

  • Operates from one of the only birth centers in Maryland. You must meet a few requirements to be able to birth at the birthing center, however they can also support you at AAMC either on their own or working with an OB there depending on your pregnancy
  • There are 3 OB CNM’s that practice here
  • Offer a holistic (whole person) approach to women’s health
  • Provide regular health screenings

Read more about Bay Area Midwifery here

Charm City Midwives

  • Bayla is a CNM and can assist in a VBAC, twin and breech births
  • Has been a CNM since 2008 and has been solely doing home births since 2015
  • Care costs about $5500-$6000

Read more about Charm City Midwives here

One of the outstanding things people seem to love about these Baltimore midwives is the care and attention they receive under their care. Appointments are not rushed and there is a more personal feel to them instead of feeling like a number in line. Midwives dive into all aspects of your pregnancy including your mental health which is really important.

Set up a consultation with one of these Baltimore Midwives and find out how they can help you from bump to baby and beyond!

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